Any Device, Any Data, Any Time – Cloud is game changer

Today, when the world is changing faster than ever before and when people are striving to survive and find any kind of job, it is very important for every employer and company owner (or owners) to increase the work efficiency and lower the expenses. The global market is rapidly changing and new trends are being born every single hour. In such a rat-race atmosphere, where the BRICK countries are uncontrollably spreading and they have mastered all the read more..

Best tips for taking backup of your data.

In today’s environment it is difficult to imagine not using a computer or laptop and having all your important data on it. You may also use your PC for backing up data from your smartphone. However, are you assured that your data would be safe on your computer? What if you pc crashed or gets affected with a malware. In such cases you may lose all your important data. Worried already? Well you can heave a sigh of relief as we are going to tell you about various methods which you can use for taking read more..

Developing a Secure Website Using the Latest Technologies

Whilst security overall on the Internet has improved greatly over the past decade, some users are still wary about carrying out particular tasks online – especially where there is a need to enter personal information – and because of this, it is down to web developers and the businesses operating websites to guarantee that they have the right safeguards in place so that customers feel confident with using their website.  Whilst many web developers will be familiar with security measures such as SSL certificates that encrypt the read more..

Google’s New Algorithm Update- Hummingbird!

The search giant revealed a new upgrade to its search algorithm which determines how it handles user requests and provides results.

The recent update which is said to be one of the biggest update to the constantly evolving algorithm can be named ‘Hummingbird’ however it has already been rolled out and affects a great amount of search queries.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

At a recent presentation the company did not provide much details about the new update but said that the latest changes are read more..

Important Files That You Should Be Bothered While Taking Backups!

Everybody must be advising you for taking backups and the ways to take backups. That’s a genuine piece of advice that you should go for. Taking up this advice is a good thing to do, but we have seen many users often fumbling for the files that they need to back up. For every user, there must be different priority and of course, different important files. So, it is difficult to tell you what you need to backup and what is less read more..

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