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Important Files That You Should Be Bothered While Taking Backups!

Everybody must be advising you for taking backups and the ways to take backups. That’s a genuine piece of advice that you should go for. Taking up this advice is a good thing to do, but we have seen many users often fumbling for the files that they need to back up. For every user, there must be different priority and of course, different important files. So, it is difficult to tell you what you need to backup and what is less important.

However, we are going to help you out with an idea that can satisfy the users’ confusion to a great extent. The fact still remains the same that at the end of the day, it is you who needs to figure out the specific needs.

Thumb rule of backup!
Before we start with it, let’s be little clear about the concept of backup. When the word ‘backup’ is used, it means that any data or file should be present in two different physical locations. Many users make a blunder of deleting the original file deliberately after copying it to a different location. Get it right, this is not at all called a backup.

What do I need to backup?

Let’s walk you through few of the files that you should be taken into consideration, while going for a backup.

Perhaps, we do not need to mention about ‘Documents’, but most of the times, users forget the most obvious ones.

Backup of this folder is must-to-do, if you have paid huge money to have a collection of your favorite songs. If you’re an iTune user, you will get the iTunes folder inside this particular folder.

Pictures & Videos:
It is really saddening, when your hard drive crashes and you lose all your pictures and videos that were taken on a family trip or during any get together that you had. Here, it is not about money, but the memories that you may not get back. So, do not take any chance of losing them.

Desktop email:
If you use Outlook and Windows Live Mail, then you should take a backup of all your files from these applications. The files in these programs are stored in .PST format, and there is a special way to have these files recovered.

Application settings:
The AppData folder of your system is the one that has all the elements of the programs that run on your system. Usually, there is no need of making any alteration to these folders. So, it is better that you copy this folder as it is.

Virtual Machines:
Today’s technology offers you to do your real work by making use of a virtual machine. It is not needed that you take a backup of the virtual machine on a daily basis, but it is better to go for a backup plan for your virtual machine.

These are few of the things that you need to take backup of, occasionally. Also, you need to choose the right way of backing up your files and folders.

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