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Define Smart networking

Smart networking refers to a network connections to 2 or more servers within LAN. This helps and saves bandwidth. It also can enhance the speed and network performance to copy from one server to another. Bandwidth between both of the servers are free of charge and reduces expenses and overage charges are ignored.

This also helps in balancing the load on the network connections and improving performance on the dedicated server.

How to Restore the backup of Database?

To restore your MS SQL Server database, please follow these simple steps:-

1) Log into your Windows Hosting UK server through Remote Desktop Connection.

2) Click Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and select SQL Server Management Studio Express or SQL Server Management Studio. Click Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and select SQL Server Management Studio.

3) Enter the requested information:
a) Server Type: select Database Engine
b) Server Name: this field should be populated by default
c) Authentication: select Windows Authentication

4) Click Connect.

5) Expand the server name and expand Databases.

6) Right-click your database, expand Tasks, expand Restore and select Database.

7) Under Source for restore, select From Device and click the … box.

8) Select File and click Add.

9) Select the backup file you wish to restore.

10) Click OK.

11) Check the backup set to restore.

12) Click OK to begin the restore.

How can I make Windows VPS more secured?

First thing you should remember to do with your new Windows VPS is to enable it’s Windows Firewall. You can do this easily by logging on to your Windows VPS through remote desktop and then select the following:-

Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall.

Add the following ports/applications to your firewall exceptions as required. ( Exceptions Tab > Add Program or Port)

Check “Remote Desktop” option [Remote Desktop]

Add Port > Name = DNS UDP | Port =53 | UDP [Domain Name Server UDP]
Add Port > Name = DNS TCP | Port =53 | TCP [Domain Name Server TCP]
Add Port > Name = FTP| Port =21 | TCP [FTP Server]
Add Port > Name = SMTP | Port =25 | TCP [Mail Server]
Add Port > Name = POP3 | Port =110 | TCP [POP 3 Mail collection service]
Add Port > Name = HTTP | Port =80 | TCP [Web Server]
Add Port > Name = HTTPS | Port =443 | TCP [Secure Web Server]

Add Program > Browse > C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exe (This will allow you to use the FTP Service)

Note:You will probably also want your windows VPS serverto respond to network ICMP packets (ping) so ensure that this is enabled by going: Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced > ICMP Settings > Enable options.

Plesk ::How to Rename a domain

Follow these simple steps to rename a Domain through Plesk:-

 1) First click on that particular domain name on your Home page.

 2) Now click Rename Domain.

 3) Now type a new name for a domain in the Domain name field. Leave the www check box selected if you wants to allow other users to access your website by a common URL like

 4) Now Click OK. This operation can take few minutes, during which all domain services will be stopped.

 Note:Since domain renaming involves modifying DNS records, allow up to 24-48 hours for DNS propagation after the renaming.

VPS is better than Shared hosting for Sugar CRM

VPS Hosting is better than shared cpanel web hosting because in shared hosting you wont have any control over the number of processes using the RAM Memory, as a result of which the CRM application do not exhibit uniform performance at all the times. If you have large number of concurrent users (more than 10), shared hosting will surely under-perform and database queries will become extremely slow which affect the overall performance of your website.

But with VPS you will get minimum 256MB of RAM which is enough for CRM Applications. If your number of users exceed more than 12-15, you also have option to go for 512MB RAM or even higher. For SugarCRM Professional and Enterprise VPS hosting is strongly recommended. Once you have a VPS, you can use these same VPS server for your website hosting as well as for hosting other applications. Having your own VPS would not only improve the applications’ usability and performance, it will also free you from paying based on number of users and also allow you greater control over the hosting environment as compare to shared hosting.

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