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Plesk::How to Edit Crontab

1) Login to Plesk
2) Click on Domains
3) Click on Crontab
4)  You will notice list of system users. Select system
5)  Click on Schedule a Task icon
6) After that you will need to mention the following :-

Minute : 0 to 59
Hour : 0 to 23
Day of the Month : 1 to 31
Month : 1 to 12
Day of the Week : 0 to 6 (0 for Sunday)

7) You must Enter the email address for notification

8) Click on OK

Steps to Create Users in Windows VPS

To create a new User on your Windows VPS, follow these steps:-

1) Log into your VPS through Remote Desktop Connection.

2) Now Open Computer Management using either method below:

a) Right-click on the My Computer Icon and select Manage.
b) Click Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, and select Computer Management.

3) Expand Local Users and Groups.

4) Click on Users. In the right window you will see a list of the current users on the VPS.

5) Right-click Users and select New User.

6) Enter the following information:
a) User Name (required): Please note that all usernames must be unique and different.
b) Full Name (optional): the name of the user
c) Description (optional): a brief description of the user
d) Password (required): It is strongly recommend that you use at least 6 characters and mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers for your passwords (for example, $peed5)

6)Now confirm your Password (required): this entry must be identical to the Password field

7) Set the options according to your requirements:
a) User must change password at next login: if checked, the user must change their password the next time they login. We recommend you uncheck this so that you have full control over the password.
b) User cannot change password: if the first option is unchecked you will be able to set this option. We recommend you check this option so that only the administrator of the machine can modify the user’s password.
c) Password never expires: controls if the password will expire in 30 days. Once the password expires you will need to reset it manually.
d) Account is disabled: when checked, the user will no longer be valid

8] Now click Create to add the new user.

By default, new users are added to the Users group. This will allow the user to later be configured as an FTP user through IIS or as a FrontPage user. If you wish for this user to have access to the VPS through Remote Desktop Connection, you will need to add the user to the Administrators group.

Plesk:: How can I Manage IP on a Windows VPS Hosting

1) First login to Plesk
2) Now click on Server on the left-hand Side
3) Click on IP Addresses
4) You will now be able to view IP address on the Server

Follow these Steps to add new IP:-

1) In IP Addresses, click on Add New IP Address
2) You will now be able to view IP address from
3) Select Network for the IP Address
4) Enter the IP and subnet mask
5) Select the option, shared or dedicated
6) In SSL Certificates, select the type of SSL certificate
7) Click on OK

Steps to Remove IP from the VPS:-

1) In IP Address, click on IP address to be removed
2) Click on Remove
3) Confirm Removal and Click on OK

Adding IPs to Client’s IP pool :

1) In IP Address, click on the number in clients column of the IP address that you wish to add
2) Click on Add New Client icon
3) Select the client that you need the IPs to be added

Removing IPs to Client’s IP pool :

1) In IP Address, click the number in the client of the IP to be removed
2) Select the Client and Confirm Removal
3) Click on OK

Default Domain Setup for IP Address :-

1) In IP Address, in hosting column, click on the IP address to be managed
2)  Select the Domain from the list
3)  Click the set it as default

IP Address Edit : Allocation and SSL Certificate

1) In IP address, click on IP address that is needed to be managed
2) Select allocation
3) Select SSL

What is ASP.NET?

It is the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s middleware for the Internet. ASP.NET is built upon the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework has 2 main components that is : the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework class library. The CLR is the foundation of the .NET Framework.

You can think of it as an agent that manages code at execution time for both Windows and ASP.NET applications. The class library, the other main component of the .NET Framework, is an object-oriented collection of reusable components that you can use to develop applications for both Windows and the Web. ASP.NET is therefore the required environment that supports developers who use the .NET Framework to develop Web-based applications.

The .NET framework is a free download, but the development tools can be pricey.In ASP.NET, you don’t need to write any code to display the data: you will just need to write the code to bind the data to an object called a DataGrid (which can be done in just a couple of lines). Then, you just have to create a reference on your page to where that DataGrid should go. The DataGrid will be rendered as a table, and will contain all of the data extracted from the database.

Define PHP

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly and easily.”This is generally a good definition of PHP. However, it does contain a lot of terms you may not be used to. Another way to think of PHP is a powerful, behind the scenes scripting language that your visitors won’t see!

When someone visits your PHP webpage, your web server processes the PHP code. It then sees which parts it needs to show to visitors(content and pictures) and hides the other stuff(file operations, math calculations, etc.) then translates your PHP into HTML. After the translation into HTML, it sends the webpage to your visitor’s web browser.

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