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Best tips for taking backup of your data.

In today’s environment it is difficult to imagine not using a computer or laptop and having all your important data on it. You may also use your PC for backing up data from your smartphone. However, are you assured that your data would be safe on your computer? What if you pc crashed or gets affected with a malware. In such cases you may lose all your important data. Worried already? Well you can heave a sigh of relief as we are going to tell you about various methods which you can use for taking backups of your data and never lose anything.

There are lots of options available for taking backups and all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some are free while others are paid solutions and many require some effort to get the whole thing working. However, taking backups is not as hard as many would imagine and can be done very easily and also automated as well.

Here are some backup solutions which you can use:

Portable hard drive

You must be aware about the external hard drive which can be used by connecting it via a USB port to you computer and can store lots of data. Well. It can be very well used to backing up your data as well. The drive is quite small and can store up to 1 TB data depending on the kind of drive you have. You can also carry it anywhere easily so your data is always with you.

Cloud Storage

Cloud is now the buzzword. Almost every company offers some of their services on cloud. You too can use cloud storage for taking backups. While there are free options like Dropbox and Google Drive which provide limited free storage these are good for beginners. However, if you have a huge amount of data and need a reputable and secure solution then you can also use cloud backup services like R1Soft which offer flexible backup solution with scheduled backups and automatic backups with minute intervals.

Other Methods

While there are many who still prefer traditional methods like storing on internal drive or DVD’s for backups however these options are not the best way to take backups of important data.

If you want a affordable and easy method for backups which allows quick restore then cloud backups is the way to go.

There are various backup options and many cloud backup providers but you should choose what would best work for you and something that offers a secure backup which is your priority.