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Google’s New Algorithm Update- Hummingbird!

The search giant revealed a new upgrade to its search algorithm which determines how it handles user requests and provides results.

The recent update which is said to be one of the biggest update to the constantly evolving algorithm can be named ‘Hummingbird’ however it has already been rolled out and affects a great amount of search queries.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

At a recent presentation the company did not provide much details about the new update but said that the latest changes are in line with improving results for longer and more detailed search queries.

According to Google the recent changes are essential as users expect a more intuitive and responsive search engine which they can converse with in a natural way. This would mostly be in case when someone is using a Smartphone or other gadgets to use the search function. The new update is better at handling such requests as it is more capable of understanding concepts and co-relate it with others.

The new update is another addition to Google’s recent line of updates which are also named after animal like the Penguin and the Panda. The main aim of the earlier updates was to provide better results by removing spammy sites from the SERPs and giving preference to only high quality websites.

However, most of the search engine optimization experts echoed the same reaction that it was too early to comment on how useful the new update was and it would only be known as one gets to know it better with time.

Have you experienced any changes in you search rankings? What is your opinion about this? Let us know in the comments.