Differences between basic hosting and VPS Hosting ?

VPS Hosting provide much better performance than a shared or a reseller hosting account.VPS Hosting provides us the privileges which are more or less compared to a dedicated server such as SSH Root access to VPS, custom installations etc.

It is possible to install any custom applications or softwares on the VPS Hosting package. However, there are some applications such as Java and others which require more resources when compared to softwares and applications such as PHP or MySQL.

Applications and software installation are all dependant upon the configuration allocated to your VPS. Hence, many companies provide wide range of virtual private servers to help you select the best configuration as per your requirements.With VPS you will get administrative rights which will provide you with complete rights on the VPS. Some of the applications / softwares supported on a VPS are as follows:
PHP, MySQL, Apache, cPanel, Plesk, Virtuozzo, FFMPEG, exim, ZendOptimizer, ioncube, Ruby on Rails ( RoR ), python, Imagemagick, FTP, Perl, .htaccess, Mod rewrite, Server Side Includes, SpamAssassin, SSH Server, phpMyAdmin, Awstats, Webalizer, Horde Webmail, Microsoft® FrontPage extensions, Fantastico ( Standard ), Custom Cron Jobs, BIND DNS Server, Linux Firewall, Application Vault ( Optional ), Postgres SQL, ODBC, Windows Firewall Service Pack 1, Microsoft FTP Server, MailEnable Standard, Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, SpamAssassin ( Only with Plesk ), Microsoft IIS 6.0, MS Exchange Server ( backend server with no mailstore mounted ), SQL Server MSDE ( Requires Plesk Power Pack ), MSSQL 2005 Express Edition, Lighttpd, FastCGI, RubyGems, AJAX etc.

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