What is Zend Optimizer?

The Zend Optimizer is a free runtime application software which enables PHP to run the files encoded by the Zend Guard. This can be freely used by anyone looking to run encoded applications.The simplest way to get a PHP runtime that includes Zend Optimizer is to download Zend Core – the leading production quality PHP 5 stack.

Zend Optimizer is bundled within Zend Core along with a certified copy of PHP containing the latests bug fixes, Zend’s FastCGI technology, a copy of MySQL or DB2 Express-C, and an Apache web server for a easy to install stack.; Zend Core Support Subscription, gives you access to an automated downloads of security and critical fixes and other support features that real PHP applications require.

For enterprise-class performance enhancements with an up to x25 increase in server throughput, try Zend Platform. Zend Platform’s Performance Enhancement Technology was specifically created to help optimize the responsiveness and processing efficiency of robust, high traffic PHP-based websites. At the same time, Zend Platform’s PHP Intelligence Module provides insight into performance bottlenecks and run-time errors.

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